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Stenographers are the Generals in the War Against Tyranny

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is one of the proverbial sayings that seems to be proved correct by experience of people’s actual behavior. It was coined by the English nobleman Lord Acton [John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902] in 1857, using similar ideas expressed by several of his contemporaries. It was part of a…

Justices Removing Justice

The Heroic Journey: A Stenographer’s Judicial Nemesis The American Justice System simply cannot exist without stenographic court reporters. It’s that simple – to me, at least. Then why are Courts across the country getting rid of their stenographic court reporters? The budgetary and shortage reasons they are claiming surely can’t be the cause behind it.…

The Lazy Steno’s Guide to Saving the Steno Profession

End the extreme shortage of court reporters. Fight the unfairness and double standards. Overcome inequality and injustice. Whoa. The Sustainable Steno Goals are important, profession-changing objectives that will require cooperation among government entities, international law organizations, and leaders in the legal industry. It seems impossible that the average person can make an impact. Should you just give up?…

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