Stenographers are the Generals in the War Against Tyranny

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is one of the proverbial sayings that seems to be proved correct by experience of people’s actual behavior. It was coined by the English nobleman Lord Acton [John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902] in 1857, using similar ideas expressed by several of his contemporaries. It was part of aContinue reading “Stenographers are the Generals in the War Against Tyranny”

Justices Removing Justice

The Heroic Journey: A Stenographer’s Judicial Nemesis The American Justice System simply cannot exist without stenographic court reporters. It’s that simple – to me, at least. Then why are Courts across the country getting rid of their stenographic court reporters? The budgetary and shortage reasons they are claiming surely can’t be the cause behind it.Continue reading “Justices Removing Justice”

The Lazy Steno’s Guide to Saving the Steno Profession

End the extreme shortage of court reporters. Fight the unfairness and double standards. Overcome inequality and injustice. Whoa. The Sustainable Steno Goals are important, profession-changing objectives that will require cooperation among government entities, international law organizations, and leaders in the legal industry. It seems impossible that the average person can make an impact. Should you just give up?Continue reading “The Lazy Steno’s Guide to Saving the Steno Profession”

Women Who Have Revolutionized the Legal Profession

Jane Bolin First African-American woman to graduate from Yale Law School, to join the New York City Bar Association, to join the New York City Law Department, and to serve as a judge in the United States! Jane Bolin was born in Poughkeepsie, New York on April 11, 1908. She was the daughter of GaiusContinue reading “Women Who Have Revolutionized the Legal Profession”

Control Your Narrative, Control Your World

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” — Geo. Orwell, 1984 I’m sure that we all remember hearing that juicy rumor back in high school that you couldn’t wait to tell your best friend, who tells their best friend, and on and on. Now fast forward to yourContinue reading “Control Your Narrative, Control Your World”

Supply & Demand 101 for Court Reporters

President Biden gave us all a rather crude lesson in supply & demand economics in his Presidential speech on January 7th, one that dropped my jaw. Replace the words “car prices” with “court reporter rates” and “cars” with “court reporters,” and then replace the word “Americans” with “stenographers.” Now you’ll understand why I was stupefied.Continue reading “Supply & Demand 101 for Court Reporters”

Easy Money – working smarter, not harder

Are you constantly working for hard earned dollars or are you working towards easy money? As we grow up we’re taught, “you need to work hard.” You need to get paid for your time. You need to clock in.  You need to clock out.  You need to get paid for the time that you’re spending. Continue reading “Easy Money – working smarter, not harder”

5 Companies Who F**ked the Court Reporting World and are Getting Away With It

A tsunami of corporate greed and dishonesty has filled our nation’s leading providers of court reporting products and services. The big companies in the court reporting profession are like an obnoxious, gum-chewing roommate who owns a car when you don’t — just because we can’t live without them doesn’t mean that living with them is easy, especially whenContinue reading “5 Companies Who F**ked the Court Reporting World and are Getting Away With It”

Managing Our New Robot Overlords

Adopting AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies in the court reporting industry is one of the most complex issues of our generation, despite the great promise that AI holds for CAT (computer-aided transcription) software vendors looking to create a better and faster experience for its customers and higher translation rates for the ultimate end users of aContinue reading “Managing Our New Robot Overlords”

Substantive Due Process and the Stipulation Regime in Court Reporting

This is how the big agencies, who are proponents of digital recorders, are getting away with violating laws in 25 states that require transcripts be produced by licensed CSRs. They believe they can stipulate away the laws. A Veritext executive said they have found no law that prevents them from stipulating to use a digitalContinue reading “Substantive Due Process and the Stipulation Regime in Court Reporting”