The Lazy Steno’s Guide to Saving the Steno Profession

End the extreme shortage of court reporters. Fight the unfairness and double standards. Overcome inequality and injustice. Whoa. The Sustainable Steno Goals are important, profession-changing objectives that will require cooperation among government entities, international law organizations, and leaders in the legal industry. It seems impossible that the average person can make an impact. Should you just give up?Continue reading “The Lazy Steno’s Guide to Saving the Steno Profession”

Supply & Demand 101 for Court Reporters

President Biden gave us all a rather crude lesson in supply & demand economics in his Presidential speech on January 7th, one that dropped my jaw. Replace the words “car prices” with “court reporter rates” and “cars” with “court reporters,” and then replace the word “Americans” with “stenographers.” Now you’ll understand why I was stupefied.Continue reading “Supply & Demand 101 for Court Reporters”

Substantive Due Process and the Stipulation Regime in Court Reporting

This is how the big agencies, who are proponents of digital recorders, are getting away with violating laws in 25 states that require transcripts be produced by licensed CSRs. They believe they can stipulate away the laws. A Veritext executive said they have found no law that prevents them from stipulating to use a digitalContinue reading “Substantive Due Process and the Stipulation Regime in Court Reporting”

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