10 Facts About Fear that Can Change Our Steno Fate

“The presence of fear is a sure sign you’re trusting in your own strength.”~A Course in Miracles As human beings, we all experience fear. Our bodies are built for survival, and our fear is the gatekeeper. Fear protects us and keeps us safe and secure by making us aware of any potential threat that mightContinue reading “10 Facts About Fear that Can Change Our Steno Fate”

Who or What is StenoImperium?

We exist to facilitate the fortifying of the Stenography profession and ensure its survival for the next hundred years! As court reporters, we’ve handed the relationship role with our customers, or attorneys, over to the agencies and their sales reps.  This has done a lot of damage to our industry.  It has taken away ourContinue reading “Who or What is StenoImperium?”