10 Facts About Fear that Can Change Our Steno Fate

“The presence of fear is a sure sign you’re trusting in your own strength.”
~A Course in Miracles

As human beings, we all experience fear. Our bodies are built for survival, and our fear is the gatekeeper. Fear protects us and keeps us safe and secure by making us aware of any potential threat that might come our way. Fear breeds suspicion, caution, and vigilance.

Those things are fine if a hungry lion is chasing you. But if your intention is to live in the abundance that is always here, to lead with the heart, to be open to the depth and breadth of what might be possible in your life, then fear deserves your attention.

We fear being replaced by Speech to Text Recognition Software (ASR).  We fear that ASR is crazy good.  We fear that our vendors and associations are betraying and abandoning us.  Many stenographers will simply want to run and retire or find another career.  We can’t let fear dictate our fate.  We must stand and fight!  Because the truth is, we can win and survive long into the future and make more money as stenographers than ever thought possible!  We must learn how to control our fear, or it will control us. 

Purely a Matter of Choice

Simply said, running from fear doesn’t work. If we avoid turning to face it, it will nip at our heels forever. What does this mean? We live a fear-led life, choosing partners, jobs, and friends out of fear. Habits and addictions run wild because we are afraid of meeting our feelings. We feel separate and alienated, while deep inside, we recognize the echo of truth whispering softly.

Here is my question to you as we move into 2020. What do you want? I mean what do you really want for this precious life you have been given? If you are committed to knowing yourself fully, to living fully, then get to know fear. Start with these facts, then step aside and let your life unfold in all its glory.

Facts About Fear

  1. Fear-motivated thoughts are all about “can’t.” They create a negative, imagined scenario about the future. Here’s the truth: you don’t know what is going to happen, so these thoughts can’t possibly be true. Buy into these thoughts, and you are inviting limitation. Let them float on by, and you will see what is actually true for you. We must focus on the “win” scenario. Stenographers will win this fight!
  2. Fearful thoughts are designed to keep you safe and limited. They are not wisdom, and they are not truth. You get to choose what to follow. Keep your thoughts on positive action items that you can do to help you survive. If you encounter a bear in the woods, you pick up a big stick and make a lot of noise. We need to raise our voices and let them know how big we are. There are 27,000 of us. The truth is: we outnumber those that seek to take control of our profession. Let them hear how big we are!
  3. Fear always includes physical sensations. Learn to recognize these, and receive them as they are with an open heart.  Channel the energy of fear into excitement and enthusiasm. Let the adrenaline of the fight flow to propel you into ACTION! Take action! Take to social media, like blogs such as Stenonymous, speak out, speak at bar associations, court reporting associations, write letters to your congressman, your state attorneys general. Gather evidence of law breaking in your states that require certified transcripts!
  4. Fear makes us think that something negative will happen, when the truth is that we don’t know what is going to happen. Become comfortable with not knowing so that fear doesn’t rule you. Stay focused on a positive outcome! Stenographers will win!
  5. Resisting fear strengthens it. The antidote is awareness – being willing to directly experience fear as it appears to you in the moment, recognizing the thoughts and physical sensations. Fighting with an end-game scenario has proven effective in negotiating successful outcomes. If an ASR takeover in the legal industry is successful, it can lead to absolute corruption by those in power, jeopardizing the entire United States justice system!!! Spread that awareness of the potential of a disastrous outcome.
  6. The goal is not to get rid of fear, as you don’t have the power to make this happen. But you do have the power to change the way you relate to fear. Learn to receive it with curiosity and a loving heart, get to know how it spins thoughts that deflate the things you are enthusiastic about. But don’t feel like something is wrong or you have failed if it continues to appear. Simply meet it lovingly every time. Don’t sweep it under the rug and not talk about it. Do the opposite. Talk about it, debate it, and get the conversations freely flowing about our potential fate. Don’t be afraid!
  7. A surge of fear tends to arise directly after a moment of truth. Say that an idea appears in your mind about something you’d love to do. Soon after, you might notice that your mind is filled with reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Recognize that this is fear speaking. Maybe you’d like to do a presentation at your local bar association, and then you are gripped by the fear of public speaking. Join the recently-started StenoMasters toastmasters group that is a remote, all-virtual meeting that you can do from the comfort of your home office or even in the car on the way home from a depo or trial!
  8. Recognizing the presence of fear allows you to make conscious decisions. You have the clarity to see what fear is guiding you to do, and you can consider what you really want. We want to survive! Right?
  9. Fear is not the enemy. It can be the voice of reason, caution, and practicality that serves you well at times. But don’t let it slow you down. Sometimes the seconds you hesitate could mean life or death. If we’re going to save the stenography profession, we have to act NOW!
  10. It takes energy to resist fear. Getting to know it and allowing it to be lets your body and mind relax, as the fight is over. This opens a space for creativity, wonder, awe, love, beauty, inspiration. Embrace it! Use it to propel you into action NOW!

Learn about fear. Know it so well that it can’t sneak up on you. Free yourself from the chains of fear, and every moment of your life will shine.

How have you dealt with fear? Does it hold you back? What happens when you embrace fear? I’d love to hear…

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